Link Building
Link Building
Link building can be a laborious task, but it is critical to the long-term success of your web site. You need link juice! Why? Links are crucial when it comes to building page rank.
Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition
Want more customers? Our viral marketing strategies can help. CastleWave’s link building services use automated tools to discover the relevant sites for link building, which speeds up the process of sending link requests and building link power to your website.
Strategic Web Consulting
Strategic Web Consulting
CastleWave is dedicated to helping you achieve your web presence goals. From your initial creative ideas to converting users into loyal customers, we can help.

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business…

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business . . .
was created to satisfy the need of small business web site owners to drive traffic to their sites. We understand the power having of relevant, fresh content on your site and we understand getting customers to view it.

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business! You want search engines to find and feast on your site. Content may be king but you better also understand the importance of link building, how to structure your pages to accommodate search engines, and using key HTML elements. Just because you have your page up doesn’t mean that search engines will find it and know what it’s all about.

Content Creation! Because content is so important you need to know how and where to use it. We build landing page content, blogs, articles, product AdCopy and more.

We write content that will optimize your web site and ensure effective execution to convert traffic into customers who are looking for your products. We do this for pay per click advertisements, blogs and other word-related services that allow you to get your message to customers.

Link Juice! Links help drive traffic, but not just any link will do. You need the right kind of links.

Our insightful team understands how to build your link power. CastleWave will only participate in “white hat” linking practices. We employ automated tools to determine relevant sites for link building.

Customer Acquisition! Want more customers? Our viral marketing strategies can help.

Software Engineer Outsource! Now that you have an idea in your head, how do you make it a reality on the web? How do you create the application that will show the world your idea? Let us show you how!

Our software development outsource program comes highly endorsed. Several of our software engineers are contracted to high-visibility customers, helping the customers achieve strategic technology objectives. These engineers work on a contract basis, assisting clients build simple and complex software applications as well as design compelling web sites.

The CastleWave team has been in the technology industry for over 20 years—we understand how to connect the dots between business and technology. We offer accountable Search Engine Optimization for small business, Software Engineer Outsourcing and many more value rich services. Over the past 5 years we’ve designed, built, implemented and optimized hundreds of sites. Call now and let the CastleWave team slam the beach heads for you!

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Some talented and smart local students have been one of the core links to creating one of Utah Valley's award winning companies. M

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